Thursday, July 15, 2010

Lloyd Robertson: Too Old for a Senate Seat, Too Precious to be Roasted

Lloyd Robertson: Too Old for a Senate Seat, Too Precious to be Roasted

A few days ago, the CBC reported that 76-year-old CTV anchorman Lloyd Robertson, a former newsman for the CBC, is set to retire in the latter half of 2011. (He's giving us ample time to celebrate, isn't he?) Given Prime Minister Stephen Harper's hypocritical history of naming news broadcasters to Canada's senate (he's supposedly in favour of an elected senate or an abolishment of the upper chamber altogether), I couldn't help but make the following snide remark in the story's comment box at

“Strange. I mean, he's too old for the senate. Unless, of course, Herr Harper is absolutely hellbent on breaking every last law on the books that he has so espoused or devised himself.

Now, maybe it was my referring to Harper as ‘Herr Harper’, thereby alluding to a comparison of our current Conservative prime minister with Adolf Hitler (a poem of mine that has found its way into circulation is entitled ‘Adolf Harper's Coming to Town’); but I think it was simply my roasting Lloyd Robertson, the great celebrated television newsman, that got their goat. To put it bluntly, the moderators didn't want me ridiculing such a respected co-worker in order to ‘score political points’ against hypocritical Harper. Resultingly, my comment was shot down in mid cyberspace.

This is not the first time has refused to post my comments regarding a former newsman of theirs and the senate: When Mike Duffy, while working for the Conservative-sympathetic CTV Newsnet (or whatever they're calling it nowadays), was named to the senate by our hypocritical Harper (read story here), I commented that Duffy “looked like someone who's late for the farting contest”. That had about as much chance of being posted as my being named to the senate!

They protect each other...even more so than politicians, seemingly....

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