Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sshh! You Just Might Help Us Find That Missing Child!

Sshh! You Just Might Help Us Find That Missing Child!

Here's another form of censorship which likes to dabble in: The disallowance of comments on certain stories involving child abduction, sexual assault, incest, etc. This story is closed to commenting,” is an all too common postscript found at the bottom of CBC blabspots. Furthermore, when one questions the moderators on such a practice, he or she is both met with silence and refused the posting of a related comment.

Case in point: Just yesterday, I responded to a story involving a female tourist being assaulted in a downtown alley in St. John's, Newfoundland:

Notice how the CBC will allow comments on this story, but not the one about publisher Clyde Rose allegedly sexually assaulting someone? Apparently, we can rattle on and on about the sad 'fate' of foreigners like the woman in question, but dare us not say anything that might embarrass our own at home. Nor would the CBC even allow comments on the story about the little girl out west being possibly abducted by her estranged violent father. Comments in that case could have even resulted in tips as to her whereabouts—Isn't that the whole purpose of one of these ‘Amber Alerts’ in the first place? Talk about defeating the purpose of a story.”

Needless to say, the cowardly excuse for a moderator refused to post my comment. Faceless arsehole.

If anyone has experienced something similar, in regards to this or any other CBC story, please feel free to post your comments at this blog. All accounts of the CBC's underhanded and questionable practices are welcome.

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