Wednesday, December 15, 2010

When the Incestuous, Christian Wife-beaters Speak, the CBC Listens

When the Incestuous, Christian Wife-beaters Speak, the CBC Listens

(It's been a while, hasn't it?)

Things had been running relatively (and surprisingly) smoothly with the comment posting at the CBC's website these past few months; but then, on Thursday, December the 9th, asked Canadians if Prime Minister Stephen Harper's (jaded) rock 'n' roll performance at the Conservatives' Christmas party had changed their opinion of him as leader. In response, I successfully posted the following comment:

The only people I know of who support the Harper Tories in this part of Newfoundland are semi-illiterates, brainwashed fundamentalist Christians, wife-beaters, and men who enjoy incestuously raping their daughters and stepdaughters (and jailing the daughters' older lovers when they report the incest to authorities). I think that's the general grassroots of the Conservative Party pretty much across the country. I found it frighteningly ironic yet hilariously appropriate a few years ago when one of the local mayors attempted to run as an MP for The Conservatives, and it turned out his son was the local repeat child molester, knicker pincher, and spouse abuser (including a future lover of mine). Yes, it appears as if these people are constantly covering their tracks or deflecting reality. Keyboards and classic rock numbers help their dubious cause.”

My comment remained posted for several hours, with readers and fellow commenters agreeing with me roughly 2 to 1. Then, around 10 PM Newfoundlandic Time, when the Conservatives' main fan base of Edmonton hicks and Lethbridge bumpkins would be getting off work and hitting their computers, my comment disappeared. My take on the matter? The arriving hardcore party members had to do immediate damage control, and squawk to the moderators about my ‘unfair’ assessment of them. And when the incestuous, Christian wife-beaters speak nowadays, the CBC must listen, apparently.

Still, Harper's little display of second-rate rock 'n' roll didn't exactly con the masses, at least. No major wave of Conservative converts resulted. Maybe at the next Christmas party the Harper Tories might instead do something a little more in keeping with grassroots tradition: like setting out a row of haystacks on stage and discovering what Conservative Party member can make his daughter reach orgasm the fastest.