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Canada-Day Coverage, 2009: A Good Place To Start...

Canada-Day Coverage, 2009: A Good Place To Start...

Okay, let's kick off yet another pointless, contrived Canada Day with a new blog; this one dedicated primarily to the nonsensical and questionable censorship which is practised at, the website of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), a.k.a. ‘Canada's Public Broadcaster’. Each entry will focus on a news story covered by the CBC, and feature a comment or comments made by Yours Truly which have been rejected or removed by the CBC's illogically biased ‘moderators’—i.e., censors—at their website. Other issues might arise....

Let's get started by winding back the clock to Canada Day, 2009. Here's a comment I tried posting regarding the CBC's general Canada Day coverage on this day last year. Needless to say, I had to remove any personal accounts of child freedom and independence 30 to 35 years ago before the site's censorious shitheads would post it. Here's the original:

“Does anybody remember the 1970s, when there was still a free Canada worth celebrating? It was a wonderful period, when we had transcended the antiquated right-wing Christian conservatism of the 1950s and early '60s, and before the political correctness and nanny-state nonsense had begun to set in. Since then, the country has been sold out to a minority of dogmatic far-left and far-right numbskulls who probably represent less than 5 percent of the country's population.

“Give me back the good ol' days of stubby beer bottles; ‘universal’ smoking; fondue parties; helmetless hockey with bountiful brawls; sex without rules; Stompin' Tom, The Stampeders and BTO on the radio; Rough Trade on Canada After Dark; The Beachcombers, The King of Kensington and Peanuts and Popcorn on television. (Does anyone remember those Saturday-morning adverts on the CBC? Brnnnngggg!!! “Hello...Better Business Bureau....”)

“And how great it was to be a child in the '70s!—after the Church had lost its grasp on us and before the far-left lobbyists began to smother us. I remember what seem like endless summers of hiking, bicycling, streaking and skinny-dipping. We were allowed to read, watch and listen to pretty much anything we wanted—and youth-oriented media were so much more intelligent and thought-provoking in those years. I remember my parents even allowing a cousin and I to play with cigarettes during our make-believe play. Children and teens were so much tougher back then—and without the mindless violence! When a couple of creeps attempted to abduct a friend and I when we were 10 years old, we fought back, got the hell out of the car and legged it! At the end of the day, we never even bothered to tell our parents—it was none of their damn business, we felt. We were growing up on punk rock, MAD Magazine and Jodie Foster films, remember—we were learning to etch out our own morality and fight our own battles. How ignorant, pampered and pathetic the youth of today look by comparison—my first cousins-once-removed appear as if they're about to melt into the ground at any second.

“Fast-forward 30+ years to Canada today, with its nanny-state nonsense from the Far Left and imposed sexual ‘morality’ from the Far Right. Just toe the line and pretend you're having fun, people....”

Advocating freedom? Above all, advocating freedom for children?!! I'm afraid that's a no-no at the CBC, people. The first thing that one has to learn when dealing with the CBC is that freedom is off limits; the people who monitor their website—like those who tailor their news stories—advocate restrictivist dogmas first and foremost, regardless of whether such dogmas are of left-wing origin or right-wing origin.

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