Friday, July 2, 2010

A Tender Spot for the Christian Far Right...?

A Tender Spot for the Christian Far Right...?

Now here's another classic example of censorship at This time, the censor, er, moderator in charge must have been sympathetic to the Far Right bunch, given the fact that I attempted to post this comment three times (as I noted in my infuriated third attempt). The comment in question came as a response to the CBC's report that Ron and Reynold Mainse, the sons of evangelist David Mainse, had been suspended as hosts of Canadian Christian television programme 100 Huntley Street while they were under investigation for their alleged involvement in a Ponzi scheme. (Read the story at Here's my thrice-rejected comment:

"First lessons in dealing with right-wing, conservative Christians:

"When they yak on and on about family values and the sin of adultery, they're pulling off lots of tail in the background with their latest fancy piece.

"When they foam at the mouth about the ‘evils’ of homosexuality and same-sex marriage, they're merely attempting to guiltily compensate for the sex they've been buying off their favourite gay hookers.

"When they join sleazy lobby groups and rattle on to politicians about ‘ped-dophilia’, child porn, the so-called ‘age of consent’, etc., they're actually trying to prevent the local older boys from discovering the nasty things they've been doing with their daughters' backsides on a nightly basis.

"When they rant and weep about the “millions of babies murdered by abortion”, they're secretly donating to doctor-killing creeps and politicians who would bomb Muslim nations completely off the map.

"And, above all, when they shoot off their mouths about the “sin of greed” and the love of money being the root of all evil’, one can rest assured that they've been cheating on their taxes, have their fingers in the till, or have invested in a ‘get even richer’ scheme like the one in question.

"This is the third time I've posted this comment without seeing it into print. It's no problem to see comments posted about Newfoundland “having the laziest and least intelligent citizens”, however. Post my comment or prepare for a lawsuit—I'm not one to toy with when it comes to free speech. At the moment, I'm preparing an op ed for the New York Times condemning Google's practices. If there's one thing I detest, it's pointless and unfair censorship."

Apparently, one cannot fight the right-wing financial Jesus--even in the CBC's boxing ring.

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