Saturday, August 7, 2010

You're Not Invited to the Circle Jerk, Charlie Brown

You're Not Invited to the Circle Jerk, Charlie Brown

On August 5th, covered Prime Minister
Stephen Harper's speech to his colleagues at his Conservative government's annual summer caucus meeting. Among his claims, Harper stated that Canadians did not want an election anytime soon, and that such an election would be detrimental to Canada's economic recovery.

As of my writing this entry, there have been 879 comments posted regarding Harper's speech and the caucus meeting, including my own. (“I'm surprised Harper's nose hasn't grown enormously during his time in office. The ridiculous and despotic king's did over the years in Stoker & Hart's comic strip, The Wizard of Id.”) One of the earlier comments posted was the following, attributed to someone calling himself ‘lucidguy’ (i.e., ‘Lucid Guy’):

“Aw, why didn't I get invited to the circle jerk?”

Apparently, the moderator had no problems originally with posting this. However, a few minutes later and the comment had been removed. The moderator must have had second thoughts, a different moderator took over at that point, or—most likely—there was a complaint from an uptight nitpicker and/or Conservative supporter. This is another fundamental problem revolving around censorship at any comment one might post can be easily removed if a second person disagrees with one's opinion and enters a complaint. One can almost imagine the various political parties employing bloggers and the like to make complaints to the moderators whenever commenters strike a stinging satirical blow to their parties' policies.

This sexually oriented comment aimed at the Harper Conservatives brought to mind one of many similar comments I've made and had removed or rejected at Here's one of my favourites that I kept a copy of in my files:

“I really wish Harper had gotten laid more often when he was a teenager—I'm pretty sure that's where all this aggression and insanity began.” (circa Winter 2009-2010)

Come to think of it, the Harper Conservatives are incredibly insecure when it comes to their own perceptions of their masculinity. Ever notice how they take offence at almost anything ‘long’? They want to abolish the
long-gun registry; they want to abandon the long-form census; they want to diminish long waits for medical attention by promoting more private health clinics, thus compromising Medicare. Yes, they must consider their erect penises to be very, very short.

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