Friday, January 6, 2012

Nepotism Loves Sentiment: Thou Shalt Not Criticise Justin Trudeau

Nepotism Loves Sentiment: Thou Shalt Not Criticise Justin Trudeau

It’s been a long time, indeed—some seven months, in fact; but, in truth, I’ve been simply too busy with various literary projects and troubling familial matters in recent months to comment regularly on the CBC’s unpolished and often ill-conceived stories at The fewer the comments submitted, the fewer comments rejected; and therefore the fewer reasons to update this blog. Nevertheless, shortly before the Hanukkah/Christmas season, I had a comment of mine deleted when I committed what is considered an unpardonable sin amongst the more idiotic of the Canadian breed.

If there’s one thing I’ve long despised, it’s nepotism. There’s just something about an unwarranted sense of entitlement that gets in my craw and gnaws. When I think of such entitlement in a contemporary Canadian context, one name immediately comes to mind: His (Un)Holiness, Justin Trudeau.

Recently, the CBC reported on Dear Justin’s ‘offensive’ language towards Environment Minister Peter Kent, and his subsequent (cop-out) apology for said outburst. As a response to the sensationalistic story, I posted the following comment:

“Justin Trudeau is a pissant poser of a politician with a dripping tap of an asinine personality. Still, ‘You piece of shit!’ is no worse an insult than those us Gen-Xers hurled at teachers and passing police officers when we were in high school—and that was 25 to 30 years ago. Furthermore, why should we expect any better from those whom we regularly deride as corrupt, inept, unqualified, bigoted, boorish, antiquated, dogmatic, sycophantic, sexually ambivalent, morally hypocritical, etc?”

My comment was successfully posted, but—you guessed it, loyal readers—not for long; within just an hour or two, it was inexplicably deleted. I cannot assume it was because of my use of the word ‘shit’; after all, the CBC used the (supposedly) offensive yet ubiquitous word in the body of their story. It was also rather balanced, given my self-derisive affirmation of Canadians’ dismissive view of politicians in general. Therefore, I'm inclined to surmise that it was my assessment of Trudeau in the opening line that got some sentimental, censorious swine clicking on the ‘Report abuse’ link.

Talk about the poor canon fodder in North Korea bowing (quite literally) to that singularly nefarious line of Kims! Congratulations, CBC, for acquiescing to the nostalgia-driven sentimental whims of those who so blindly enbrace an annoying flake who ‘wears it on his sleeve’ and cannot grasp the basics of formal speech. You people are indeed His obedient children—er, ‘kids’.

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  1. It's not nice to fuddle-duddle with the Trudeaus!